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SpeakEasy Digital
SpeakEasy Digital


San Francisco, CA, USA · North America · Washington, DC, USA


1 - 10 employees

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SpeakEasy Digital is an easy to use new political tool that lets you make and target political banner and social media ads faster and at a steep discount. SpeakEasy Digital allows Democratic candidates and progressive causes to use pre-built professional templates to deliver their political messages with a punch. Our partnership with TargetSmart gives political candidates access to up-to-date voter files – and our tools mean you can choose and modify the right banner ad and match it with likely voters in your state, city or political district. We can also upload your pre-existing banner ads, videos and other creative assets that you can deploy through our platform. Political candidates and causes using our platform can target their ads based on scores of variables, from gender to party to age to ethnicity to vote history and with many other predictive factors. Most campaigns also don’t have access to graphic designers, coders, and creative directors who can turn an idea into an ad quickly. By using the hundreds of pre-built digital advertising templates available on the SpeakEasy Digital site, campaigns can quickly generate professional and tested ad concepts at a fraction of the time and cost. SpeakEasy Digital draws on the decades of political digital media experience of our founders from Storefront Political Media – allowing our users to access a broad knowledge base about how to deliver messages that will be heard, believed and acted upon. Most small and medium sized political campaigns don’t have easy access to the “exchanges” and other ways large campaigns find premium inventory, and they certainly don’t have the market power to negotiate the most favorable rates. SpeakEasy Digital gives our clients access to market leverage and premium inventory. Candidates from school board to Congress are already using our self-service political digital ads, our buying power, and our access to the best voter data to level the playing field and win their campaigns.

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