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In geometry, an angle is formed by two rays that do not lie straight with respect to each other and share a common endpoint known as theta. At our firm, we take pride in being at the intersection of innovation & technology, and technology and its impact on the world. Our position at these intersections allows us to intimately understand these worlds’ limitations and develop innovative organic solutions to unique problems. Our leadership has one mission, to change the current tech world’s landscape. We are here to dare customers to build resilience into their digital investments by taking an equity engineering approach to product development or providing digital services. We believe that following this approach allows for honest introspection on how digital services and products lacking technologists representing the true diversity of our digital world can have a tangibly detrimental impact on new tech being adopted or created in a modern digital society. Our equity engineering approach is rooted in our TADAS! (theta. agile discovery ad-hoc service) offering. Technologists lead the process with passionate perspectives that want to be of service to the public betterment of everyone living in today’s digital world to develop resilient digital products or provide sustainable digital services that work for everybody. This one mission willed theta. into existence, and we look to one day be the gold standard definition of digital expertise that creates unique, scalable, and most importantly, equitable digital solutions for everybody. theta. …at the intersection of innovation and technology; meet us there, let’s work together!
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