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Posted on Wednesday, August 24, 2022

This position is responsible for participating in all aspects of an organizing campaign and operates independently while working under general supervision while carrying out assigned responsibilities. Performs all activities associated with campaigns to include assessing potential organizing targets, assessing worker/voters, building/maintaining worker lists, identifying and developing worker-leaders, creating organizing committees and making work site and home visits. Plans, campaigns, and implements the AFSCME Organizing Model to include targeting, pre-petition campaigns, election campaigns, card-check campaigns and first contract campaigns. As the public face of the union in organizing campaigns the Organizer must promote the vision of the union to the unorganized workers, union members, staff of affiliated unions and co-workers. Organizer must promote teamwork and be self-critical and receptive to on-going feedback for successful development and growth in the Organizer profession.


  • Understands and is proficient in all elements of the “AFSCME Organizing Model”.
  • Explores organizing targets to gather data and information, builds a list of workers, assesses interest, and scouts out the physical plant without divulging the union’s presence.
  • Conducts one-on-one organizing through home and work site visits to accurately assess and recruit supporters and leaders; guides their activities on behalf of the union and identifies attitudes of individual workers to be able to plan appropriate messaging/actions; models activities and appropriate behaviors to less-seasoned Organizers.
  • Develops and leads worker mobilizations; plans and conducts meetings with organizing committees and other workers in the campaign including public speaking and conducting workshops.
  • Develops broad, representative organizing committees of worker-leaders, and trains and deploys them to move the campaign.
  • Contributes significantly to the development of the strategic campaign planning/message, incorporates campaign message into one-on-one communications; drafts and designs basic leaflets, newsletters, and other communications’ methods in conjunction with the Communications staff.
  • Writes field/work/turf plans to implement the overall organizing campaign and goals, and develops and implements strategies to counter anti-union campaigns.
  • Obtains, creates, and maintains relevant employee lists which may include input on, and operation of, computerized database systems.
  • Recruits volunteer organizers from within the AFSCME membership; works with locals/councils on Volunteer Member Organizers and contract campaigns.
  • Assists in the development and training of OIAs, OITs and other Organizers to include classroom training and field-based coaching.
  • May be assigned to help coordinate organizing activities of OIAs, OITs and other Organizers.
  • Performs related work as required.


Education & Experience:

  • High School diploma.
  • A minimum of 6 months experience in union organizing; or any equivalent combination of education and experience.


  • Knowledge of union organizing practice and principles.
  • Basic knowledge of labor laws, especially with respect to union organizing.
  • Knowledge of anti-union employer tactics.
  • Leadership and motivational skills.
  • Good oral and written communication skills.
  • Fluent bilingual skills are desirable.

Travel, Temporary Assignments, and Work Hours:

  • Extensive travel and extended work hours including weekends are required.
  • Valid driver’s license required.