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We are a strategy group focused on public-serving solutions. We create solutions to delivery problems. What is a delivery problem? A delivery problem is a gap between the goal of a policy or program, and the outcome of it. Delivery problems tend to be both banal and complicated. They stem from a common set of constraints that affect the public sector, including a responsibility for high stakes services, arcane and outdated operational limitations, demand brought about by market failures, complex and sticky regulatory backdrops, silo-ed budgets that do not map to holistic ROI, and difficult to resolve end consumer needs. Our teams design programs, create tools and build capabilities to shore up gaps in service delivery. We do this by creating strategies, building plans and analyzing data that address these constraints and sometimes even leverage them. Most of our work involves experimentation and practical planning to ensure solutions work ‘in the wild’.
We’re on a mission to elect more scientists to Congress, state legislatures, and local offices. As trained problem-solvers, STEM professionals are ready, willing, and able to find solutions for the significant challenges facing America in the 21st century. With a millions-strong grassroots network of engaged supporters in every part of the country, 314 works to promote the scientific and evidence-based policy communities and has become one of the most impactful organizations in progressive politics. In 2018, we played a pivotal role in flipping the United States House of Representatives by electing nine first-time science candidates such as Dr. Kim Schrier, the first pediatrician elected to Congress, and registered nurse Lauren Underwood, the youngest Black woman to serve in the U.S. House. In November 2020, the only two Democrats who flipped United States Senate seats – Sen. Mark Kelly of Arizona and Sen. John Hickenlooper of Colorado – were recruited to run for office by our organization. With staff ranging from an entrepreneurial scientist who stepped into the electoral arena to seasoned political operatives and skilled fundraisers, 314 provides critical resources and expertise to STEM candidates new to politics.
50+1 Strategies is a premiere political consulting firm with extensive experience in providing civic engagement and community mobilization solutions to clients.\r\n\r\nBased in the San Francisco Bay Area, we operate at the local, state and national levels to affect social change by electing Democratic candidates, advancing vital issues at the ballot box, and supporting causes and projects that have a positive effect on communities.\r\n\r\nIn just three years, 50+1 Strategies has served as the General Consultants and Campaign Managers for 45 campaigns and we have won over 90% of them.
A Better Wisconsin Together (ABWT) is a state-based research and communications hub for progressives. Our messaging is research driven and targeted for maximum impact using cutting edge digital, earned, paid and social media strategies.
For over 30 years, ABD Direct has fostered dedicated partnerships with non-profit charitable and progressive advocacy organizations, pushing the boundaries of direct response fundraising and securing the resources they need to fulfill their critical missions. We have grown from a small Milwaukee-based firm to one of the most accomplished direct response marketing agencies in the country. ABD Direct's long record of integrated programs and cutting edge direct response fundraising solutions pave the way for success.
About Fresh is a Boston area nonprofit on a mission to strengthen communities by getting healthy food to the households that need it most. Our programs are built to be integrated into community health systems.
Accelerate Change incubates new citizen ventures that have the potential to deeply engage millions of members and develop a high-growth revenue model.
Accountable.US is a nonpartisan organization that shines a light on corporations and special interests that too often wield unchecked power and influence in Washington and beyond. We conduct investigations and bring attention to our findings to help create an economy that works for everyone, a democracy that functions, and a sustainable environment for future generations. We believe corporations and special interests have too much power and the people have too little. It is our mission to change this.
ACM Strategies is the offensive coordinator for the worker justice movement. We help organizations and leaders win by educating, empowering, and turning community members into activists. We are a team of digital organizers and communicators that specialize in helping progressive leaders and organizations get off defense and win uphill battles. We use our expertise to transform big ideas into a comprehensive digital strategy that achieves your goals. Whether you’re looking to optimize an existing program or build a digital presence from scratch, we’re here to help you every step of the way. ACM Strategies is proud to be a woman- and military spouse-owned company.
The Action Center on Race & the Economy (ACRE) is a campaign hub for organizations working at the intersection of racial justice and Wall Street accountability. We provide research and communications infrastructure and strategic support for organizations working on campaigns to win structural change by directly taking on the financial elite that are responsible for pillaging communities of color, devastating working class communities, and harming our environment. We partner with local organizations from across the United States that are working on racial, economic, environmental, and educational justice campaigns and help them connect the dots between their issues and Wall Street so that each of the local efforts feeds into a broad national movement to hold the financial sector accountable. We approach all of our work through an explicit racial lens. We believe that race and class are intrinsically linked and that it is not possible to fix the structural problems in our economy in a race-neutral way. The financial and corporate elite use structural racism, targeting Black and Latino communities in particular, to divide us and pit us against each other while they destroy our livelihoods. We cannot achieve economic, environmental, or educational justice until we confront structural racism and take our demands directly to the financial elite profiting off the crises in our communities. At ACRE, we dedicate ourselves to doing just that.
Active Minds is the nation’s premier nonprofit organization supporting mental health awareness and education for young adults. We are dedicated to saving lives and to building stronger families and communities. Through education, research, advocacy, and a focus on young adults ages 14–25, Active Minds is opening up the conversation about mental health and creating lasting change in the way mental health is talked about, cared for, and valued in the United States.
Advanced Energy Economy (AEE) is a national association of businesses and business leaders who are making the global energy system more secure, clean, and affordable. Advanced energy encompasses a broad range of products and services that constitute the best available commercial technologies for meeting energy needs today and tomorrow. Our members include companies involved in technology development; component and product manufacturing; project and infrastructure development; equipment installation; and engineering, finance, and advisory services, among other activities that help business and residential consumers meet their energy needs in better ways.