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Washington, DC, USA
Posted on Thursday, September 14, 2023

The Manager works with the Director and Assistant Director to manage the Administration department’s daily operations. The Manager will provide the day-to-day management of the copy center, mail fulfillment, shipping, receiving, incoming and outgoing USPS mail, onsite and offsite storage, bulk mailing, and Union Leadership Supply Program. The Manager will also implement the department goals set by the Director.


  • Provides overall day-to-day supervision of the copy center, mail fulfillment, shipping, receiving, incoming and outgoing USPS mail, building services, onsite and offsite storage, bulk mailing, Admin Helpdesk, and Union Leadership Supply Program.  Distribution of work and ensuring it is completed in the timeframe assigned. Also responsible for training department staff for these functions.  
  • Provides day-to-day staff oversight and management to guarantee all deadlines are met.  Work with customers on work order requirements and deadlines within the department. Manage the Admin Helpdesk to assign work tickets to staff and ensure all work is completed in a timely manner.  Ensure that all areas of responsibility in the Administration department are covered appropriately.  
  • Allocates staff resources based on the assignments of the day and the priorities of the organization. Ensure staff is working as efficiently as possible.  Reassigns staff to ensure operational efficiency and workload balance in all areas of operations.  
  • Responsible for managing the departmental on-site and off-site document storage program. Including providing a monthly report for all departments’ off-site storage transactions and boxes stored. Provide monthly reconciliation of all off-site storage transactions and work with departments to ensure their offsite storage is being actively managed. Review the invoice for accuracy and approve.     
  • Manages all aspects of department staff moves.  Creates a move timeline, memo for staff with move instructions and timing.  Gives notice to landlord and provide appropriate documentation. Works with the Director, Assistant Director, vendors, and AFSCME departments on office moves.  
  • Manages AFSCME parking permit process and ensure that all passes are distributed on-time and the invoice is correct.  Notify parking garages of any changes with parker and departments with any pricing changes. Provides Department Administrative Assistants with the annual parking costs charged to their department prior to the budget due date.  
  • Responsible for accurately completing a mid-year and end-of-the-year inventory with values and providing to Accounting by deadline.  Manages staff for correct counts and management of items purchased during the inventory period.   
  • Maintains a safe and secure working environment for employees and visitors.  Supports the Director or his/her designee with the management of safety and emergency preparedness programs. 
  • Responsible for reviewing and revising work processes and creating and maintaining standard operating procedures.  Manages staff on the implementation of policies and ensures there are SOPs for all work processes and that staff are following them.    
  • Responsible for issuing and deleting ID badges/building access cards in the Kastle system.   
  • Recommends and implements cost control measures and guidelines and continually evaluates means of streamlining procedures. 
  • Serves as the Business Service Administrator (BSA) for AFSCME HQ. Monitors the postage permits, PO boxes and the creation and renewal of permits and postage accounts. Processes requests for new PO Box accounts and Premium Commercial Mail Forwarding. The BSA is responsible for contacting mail permit owners of upcoming fees and postage due. Manages incoming requests from staff and postal mail houses for report BSN (business service network) access. Responds to inquiries to access Business Customer Gateway reports. Establishes Electronic Payment System (EPS) accounts; upon request, will provide balance reports. Manages deposits to allocate funds to the corresponding EPS accounts. Serves as liaison to the USPS for all service level inquiries.  
  • Manages bulk mailing projects printed and fulfilled in-house using the Bulk Mailer software system. Projects include but are not limited to the weekly membership card mailings. Using the software files are reviewed and verified for mail integrity. Identify and remove all NCOA's from the file to eliminate bad postage. Manages staff who are responsible for organizing files by zip code, printing, and cutting the cards while maintaining the order integrity for postage to be applied to each mail group. Performs quality checks during initial setup, along with continuous oversight so that dropped shipments are accurately delivered to the USPS.   
  • Takes responsibility for assigned projects including but not limited to the carpet cleaning.  Develops a plan for how projects will be managed and executed within project timeframes and budget.  Coordinates with staff to determine work assignments as related to the project.  Generates project status reports for review with Director or Assistant Director.  
  • Responsible for the AFSCME recycling program and acts as the recycling coordinator for the program. 
  • Prepares weekly departmental status reports. 
  • Performs other duties as requested. 


Education and Experience

  • Graduation from an accredited four-year college or university with a degree in Facilities Management, Business, Management, or another related program.

Skills Requirements:

  • A minimum of seven (7) years related experience in facility management and/or general operations management that provides the following knowledge, skills, and abilities.
  • Advanced knowledge of Administration operations.
  • Five (5) years’ experience supervising and training staff.
  • Experience with managing budgets and administrative processes and procedures.
  • Ability to plan and execute projects within specified timeframes.
  • Knowledge of office equipment, operation of equipment, and supplies.
  • Knowledge of emergency preparedness programs.
  • Experience and knowledge of USPS postal permits and PO Box services.
  • Experience with bulk mailing software and procedures.
  • Ability to remain apprised of new technology, developments, and trends in the field of Administration management.
  • Advanced understanding of AFSCME structure, departments, policies, and programs.
  • Advanced knowledge of MS Word, Excel, Microsoft Project, and other Microsoft Office software programs.
  • Advanced written and oral communication skills.
  • Superior interpersonal skills and commitment to service excellence. 

Travel & Work hours 

  • Travel and extended work hours are required.