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Senior Delivery Manager

Agile Six

Agile Six

Posted on Thursday, May 4, 2023

Agile Six is a people-first, remote-work company that serves shoulder-to-shoulder with federal agencies to find innovative, human-centered solutions. We build better by putting people first. We are animated by our core values of Purpose, Wholeness, Trust, Self-Management and Inclusion. We deliver our solutions in autonomous teams of self-managed professionals (no managers here!) who genuinely care about each other and the work. We know that’s our company’s purpose – and that we can only achieve it by supporting a culture where talented people feel valued, self-managed, and love to come to work.

The role

Agile Six is looking for Delivery Managers for open and anticipated roles on cross-functional agile teams that support our collaborations with federal agencies including The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and Office of Personnel Management (OPM). Delivery Managers typically support 5-8 member product teams, comprised of employees of Agile Six, employees from trusted partner firms, and independent contractors. While we don’t have openings for specific roles at this time, we are excited to plan ahead for imminent future opportunities.

Delivery Managers at Agile Six have the skills to help deliver highly complex, cross-disciplinary projects, the foresight and problem-solving skills to mitigate risk, and the soft skills to nurture both client and team relationships. Among your primary responsibilities will be serving as the team's Scrum Master. You have an adaptive, empathetic, and collaborative mindset and always look to foster better team dynamics. In collaboration with your team, you’ll be at the forefront of our efforts to ensure Agile Six is keeping its contractual promises while living our core values. Most importantly, you have a passion for working on important problems that have a lasting impact on millions of users and make a difference in our government!


  • Support your team in creating an agile, emergent culture while developing and maturing team norms and ceremonies
  • Facilitate development of a positive team dynamic, collaborating with your team to build a safe and trusting environment
  • Monitor, identify, and address conflict, integrating company support and resources as needed
  • Help the team maintain a pace of delivery that is sustainable and comfortable for the team and organization within a complex environment
  • Remove or guide the team to remove impediments
  • Facilitate progress without coercion, assigning, or dictating
  • Communicate with technical and non-technical stakeholders
  • Fulfill all reporting and contractual requirements
  • Assess and assist in the mitigation of risk through collaboration, risk tracking, and problem solving
  • Support the practice of delivery within the larger company as needed through activities such as:
    • Assisting in outreach, recruitment, and hiring efforts
    • Occasionally participating in or otherwise supporting business development efforts, including code or design challenges, writing or reviewing proposal responses, etc.
    • Participating in communities of practice
  • We expect the responsibilities of this position to shift and grow organically over time, in response to considerations such as the unique strengths and interests of the selected candidate and other team members and an evolving understanding of the delivery environment

Basic qualifications

  • Five (5) to eight (8) years experience as a Delivery Manager, Project Manager, or Scrum Master
  • At least five (5) years experience as a member of an Agile scrum team
  • In-depth knowledge and application of Agile principles and practices
  • Demonstrated experience with complex projects, navigating multiple stakeholder relationships, and is solution driven
  • Has lived and worked in the United States for 3 of the last 5 years

Additional desired qualifications

  • Certified Scrum Master Certification
  • Experience working with government agencies
  • You are a U.S. Veteran

Salary and Sixer Benefits

To promote equal pay for equal work, we publish salary ranges for each position.

The salary for this position is $140,272 - $147,466

Our benefits are designed to reinforce our core values of Wholeness, Self Management and Inclusion. The following benefits are available to all employees. We respect that only you know what balance means for your life and season. While we offer support from coaches, we expect you to own your wholeness, show up for work whole, and go home to your family the same. You will be seen, heard and valued. We expect you to offer the same for your colleagues, be kind (not bossy), be caring (not directive) and ready to participate in a state of flow. We mean it when we say “We build better by putting people first”.

All Sixers Enjoy:

  • Self-managed work/life balance and flexibility
  • Competitive and equitable salary (equal pay for equal work)
  • Tenure-based profit sharing
  • Employee Stock Ownership (ESOP) for all employees!
  • 401K matching
  • Medical, dental, and vision insurance
  • Employer paid short and long term disability insurance
  • Employer paid life insurance
  • Self-managed and generous paid time off
  • Paid federal holidays and Election day off
  • Paid parental leave
  • Self-managed professional development spending
  • Self-managed wellness days

Hiring practices

Agile Six Applications, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, national origin, ancestry, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, religion, age, pregnancy, disability, work-related injury, covered veteran status, political ideology, marital status, or any other factor that the law protects from employment discrimination.

Note: We participate in E-Verify. Upon hire, we will provide the federal government with your Form I-9 information to confirm that you are authorized to work in the U.S. This role is required to work from the contiguous United States. Unfortunately, we are unable to sponsor visas at this time.

Please read and respond to the application questions carefully. Interviews are conducted on a rolling basis until the position has been filled.