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Digital Services Strategist

Agile Six

Agile Six

United States · Remote
Posted on Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Agile Six is a people-first, remote-work company that serves shoulder-to-shoulder with federal agencies to find innovative, human-centered solutions. We build better by putting people first. We are animated by our core values of Purpose, Wholeness, Trust, Self-Management and Inclusion. We deliver our solutions in autonomous teams of self-managed professionals (no managers here!) who genuinely care about each other and the work. We know that’s our company’s purpose – and that we can only achieve it by supporting a culture where people feel valued, self-managed, and love to come to work.

The Role

Agile Six is looking for a Digital Services Strategist to join our Strategy team. In this role you will have the opportunity to leverage your expertise in digital services delivery, knowledge and relationships within government agencies and organizations such as U.S. Digital Service, 18F, and/or other Digital Services Offices within Federal Agencies (ex: OCIO/OCTO), and your passion for positive change to support strategic initiatives at Agile Six.

You have the opportunity to perform a range of different functions in this role, including, but not limited to, working within and alongside delivery teams and government staff to understand and guide the larger strategic direction of government agencies and programs; work with teams to ensure that their work is aligned with that vision; creating and fostering trust-based account relationships with Government staff and feedback loops; supporting business development efforts; and supporting outreach and recruitment to the larger civic tech community.

It is expected that this is a combination overhead/billable role, where the relative weight between billable and overhead work will depend on a number of factors, including needs around account support and management; the needs of delivery teams; the needs for your particular areas of expertise in supporting enterprise initiatives (especially around business development and hiring); and the structure and availability of billable work on contracts that need your support.

Our Approach to Strategy and Delivery

At Agile Six we frequently say that “Delivery is our Strategy.” This means that we approach business development, recruiting, and delivery efforts as a single stream of activity rather than silos driven by different incentives. We never pursue growth for growth’s sake, but only when it can support creating value for the users of government services through healthy, trust-based teams. By doing so, we ensure there is no disconnect between what we “sell” and what we deliver.

  • We really care about what we do and are looking for someone who brings the same passion for building a better Government through lasting relationships and healthy teams.
  • We approach work as an alignment of needs and personal and collective strengths rather than strictly defined responsibilities predetermined by titles. We believe the whole picture is important and that connecting the dots to deliver as a team makes us stronger. Depending on the needs at a given time and the strengths you bring to meet them, you might see yourself managing account relationships, working within or alongside delivery teams, helping the Strategy team better understand strategic opportunities, supporting proposal efforts, and/or supporting recruiting efforts.
  • We do not believe that “any revenue is good revenue” and we do not set or pursue growth targets. Instead, we seek to build partnerships with purpose-driven companies that are aligned with our culture and values. We pursue work where we can deliver better outcomes for people and users of government services. We’re not impressed by inflated pipelines and large numbers, and we don’t spend our days actively searching for the next thing.
  • We seek to build long-term relationships with agencies and partners built on trust and a shared vision for improving government services. This effort requires empathy, emotional intelligence, and clear communication. It requires understanding and aligning with an agency’s long-term vision, as well as seeing opportunities to clarify and guide that vision in close collaboration with agency staff.
  • We don’t overly rely on process. We believe traditional BD practices often lead to misaligned incentive structures and a false sense of security at the expense of collaboration and team outcomes. Instead, we listen, seek to understand the entire set of needs of our clients, partners, and teams, and sense and respond.
  • We have fun and care for each other’s wholeness. We pursue purposeful work while supporting the team’s needs - working nights and weekends are anomalies rather than a given.



  • Build and nurture effective trust-based account relationships with contracting officers, CORs, and other agency stakeholders
  • Build strategic relationships with government stakeholders and potential partners
  • Work with the Strategy team to identify high value work for Agile Six
  • Support business development and other strategic initiatives as needed by helping to identify work that aligns with Agile Six values and strategic direction, and
  • Assist Agile Six with proposal efforts and the development of staffing plans, research on specific problems or solutions, writing and/or reviewing sections of proposals, participating in presentation panels, and participating in code and design challenges


  • Support a smooth transition from procurement processes to delivery by providing relevant context, background knowledge, and domain expertise gained during the procurement process to delivery personnel, and/or participating directly in the early stages of delivery
  • Work within and alongside delivery teams to understand the larger strategic context and direction in which their work is situated
  • Identify and leverage opportunities to guide the strategic direction of government agencies and programs


  • Support recruitment and hiring within Agile Six through the development of position descriptions, supporting outreach efforts, participating in and supporting the creation of technical interview panels, etc.

Basic Qualifications

  • At least ten (10) years of experience in a digital services delivery role – for example, as an engineer, researcher/designer, product owner, etc.
  • At least two (2) years of experience supporting modern digital services delivery within the Federal Government at USDS, 18F, or as a Presidential Innovation Fellow (PIF)
  • Broad and deep professional experience with digital service delivery across multiple practice areas and disciplines
  • Experience supporting the recruiting, evaluation, and hiring of staff supporting different digital service roles such as engineers, researchers, designers, or product owners
  • Solid understanding of how different practice areas support and work alongside one another in delivery
  • Has lived and worked in the United States for 3 of the last 5 years

Additional Desired Qualifications

  • Experience supporting modern digital services delivery at the VA, either as part of the U.S. Digital Service or the VA’s Office of the CTO
  • U.S. Veteran
  • Experience supporting business development activities
  • Experience working on contracts, proposals, and/or evaluation panels as a Federal Employee

Salary and Sixer Benefits

To promote equal pay for equal work, we publish salary ranges for each position.

The salary for this position is $187,535 - $197,152

Our benefits are designed to reinforce our core values of Wholeness, Self Management and Inclusion. The following benefits are all available to all employees, but you will be expected to largely manage them yourself. We respect that only you know what balance means for your life and season. While we offer support from coaches, we expect you to own your wholeness, show up for work whole, and go home to your family the same. You will be seen, heard and valued. We expect you to offer the same for your colleagues, be kind (not bossy), be caring (not directive) and ready to participate in a state of flow. We mean it when we say “We build better by putting people first”.

All Sixers Enjoy:

  • Self-managed work/life balance and flexibility
  • Competitive and equitable salary (equal pay for equal work)
  • Employee Stock Ownership (ESOP) for all employees!
  • 401K matching
  • Medical, dental, and vision insurance
  • Self-managed and generous paid time off
  • Paid federal holidays and Election day off
  • Self-managed professional development budget
  • Self-managed wellness days