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Research Analyst

Blue Rose Research

Blue Rose Research

Posted on Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Are you passionate about progressive politics? Are you interested in the idea of spreading messaging guidance and discipline? Are you excited to leverage your organizational and detail-oriented prowess to protect our democracy? Then you should consider working with us!

Blue Rose Research is a project with OpenLabs to develop a wide range of cutting-edge products used by the most important progressive organizations in the country. Our research undergirds short-term and long-term strategy for advancing progressive causes and has a trusted track record among key decision makers.

The Blue Rose Research team has a storied history and has worked with central players to develop strategy and direct hundreds of millions of dollars of resources. The work produced by the team is widely regarded as among the most technically sophisticated in the space. If you join us, you’ll be plugging into a diverse team of decorated engineers, PhD data scientists and political insiders who are closely connected to some of the most important decision makers in the progressive ecosystem.

Analysts at Blue Rose Research coordinate among our data scientists, machine learning engineers, and the principals managing client relationships to deliver results on time. The insights from our products are used for understanding the issues important to the American public, what policies should be supported, how best to argue for them, and much more. We are responsible for research products that are scalable, robust, accurate, and useful.

We’re a fast and dynamic team, and you’ll be contributing to an increasingly rapid cadence of research projects with a growing roster of clients from across the progressive political world. We’re looking for you to bring your passion for politics, an ability to translate between technical and non-technical stakeholders, a strong attention to detail, and a desire to make a big impact on a timeline.

In addition to the opportunity to help save American democracy, we offer a competitive salary, medical, dental, and health benefits, and the ability for you to be your full self at work! While the work is remote most of the team is NYC based where we have an office.

Salary range: $60-90k per annum, commensurate with experience. This position is full time. Remote allowed.

Your work would include:

  • Designing and launching surveys that will be taken by hundreds of thousands of Americans
  • Managing the fielding of multiple surveys simultaneously to ensure sufficient data collection on time and on budget
  • Tracking timelines and priorities and liaising between data scientists, engineers, and client-facing stakeholders
  • Supporting external outreach efforts, including presentations to clients, political partners, and other vendors and consultants
  • Analyzing data to answer questions from political strategists and clients
  • Building subject matter context and thinking critically about our data in order to discern real trends versus potential bugs to flag for our machine learning data scientists
  • Contributing new ideas to the ways we analyze, interpret, and communicate our data – we strive to deliver the best strategic guidance and believe that everyone on the team is part of that goal
  • Providing product feedback to engineers to improve our tools for internal and external usage

Qualified candidates ideally:

  • Have at least 1-2 years professional experience, including internships
  • Are comfortable with SQL and relational databases. Can quickly orient themselves to a new dataset, perform exploratory analysis, spot data quality issues, and justify decisions about how to handle imperfect data
  • Have some background in R or python programming
  • Have strong oral and written communication skills, especially in a remote environment
  • Enjoy spending as much of their time interacting with other people as they do writing code
  • Have a desire to work in multi-disciplinary teams with engineers, machine learning data scientists, statisticians and political experts. Are excited about working with less-technical stakeholders and seeing how their work impacts real-world decision making
  • Enjoy and have experience working in fast-paced environments turning around a high volume of relatively small projects
  • Are interested in and passionate about progressive politics; willing to engage with the wider progressive political ecosystem and develop domain knowledge in addition to technical insight
  • Are solutions-oriented, have strong attention to detail, and are a creative thinker who isn’t daunted by open-ended research questions
  • Are a kind person and a team player who contributes to a warm working environment

We don’t expect every applicant to have expertise in every area listed above. We encourage you to apply if you don’t feel your experience and background sound like a perfect fit. Many of our team members have taken an unusual path to get to where they are today, and our unique and diverse perspectives make us more effective. We also believe strongly in our team’s ability to learn and excel at new skills and challenges. Join us!