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Project Manager

Democratic National Committee

Democratic National Committee

Posted on Wednesday, May 29, 2024
The Project Manager will be tasked with overseeing & managing related work in their respective states as well as overseeing an aspect of the program. The initial phase of work will be focused on the following objectives:
Gathering on-the-ground intel to inform our overall landscape assessment of candidates, including:
- Ballot access progress; and
- Campaign activity, organizational strength, and voter/grassroots enthusiasm
- Identifying and activating in-state leaders and supporters for four current and future program priorities, including:
- Volunteer trackers to attend candidate and campaign events
- Surrogates for earned media and bracketing events
- Volunteers for petition review and other legal-adjacent support for potential ballot access challenges
- Micro-influencers for content amplification through organic channels
- Researching ballot access related information
- Participating in petition review and supporting petition review programs


  • Following candidate events in the region and sharing intel in real time.
  • Recruiting volunteers to attend candidate and campaign events to report back on campaign activity
  • Proactive outreach to in-state political contacts such as party leadership, staff & elected officials, and coalition partners for information on in state activity
  • Assist in tracking ballot access progress which could include contacting election officials in states to gather information in partnership with the legal team
  • Assist in other activities such as bracketing and other earned media programs, as needed
  • Delivering message guidance and managing DM/chat groups for content distribution
  • Other duties as assigned to support the department and the DNC's mission.


  • Deep knowledge of Google Suite
  • Excellent organizational and political skills
  • Experience working with and creating spreadsheets
  • Familiarity with political campaigns, volunteering or otherwise
Travel: The Project Manager position will require travel, which could be up to 15% of the time.
Salary: The starting salary for the Project Manager position is $70,000, on an annualized basis, commensurate with experience and qualifications. This is a full-time, exempt position, that may require work on weekends, and has an end date of November 15th.