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Digital Advertising Strategist (Temporary)

Middle Seat

Middle Seat

Marketing & Communications
Washington, DC, USA
Posted on Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Email acquisition, direct donate, and persuasion.

Salary Range: $60,000 – $65,000

Location: Washington, D.C. or Remote

Middle Seat is a full-service media and fundraising firm for progressive causes and candidates. Whether it’s AOC or the ACLU, MoveOn or the Powered by People PAC, the Working Families Party or Women’s March, we work with progressive campaigns, nonprofits, advocacy organizations, and causes that are on the front lines of important fights.

We also put a premium on honoring the authentic perspective of our clients, and support our clients taking principled stances even when that means pushing the envelope or shaking things up in the progressive space.

Our firm is values-driven. We are intentional with the decidedly left-of-center clients we work with — and we strive to make our work environment and benefits reflect that, including healthy work-life balance and consistent employee feedback and communication. We’re happy to talk more about our company culture with prospective applicants.

We’re looking for a full-time digital strategist with a few years of experience in the field to take on the challenge of managing advertising campaigns.

NOTE: This is a temporary, full-time position on our team starting immediately and ending on November 15, 2024.

Job Responsibilities

    • Lead 1-2 client accounts as the day-to-day client contact and strategist:
      • Act as the main point of contact for 1-2 client accounts.
      • Serve as the strategist, providing guidance and recommendations to clients.
    • Run ad campaigns from start to finish:
      • Write and review ad content, including spell check and policy check.
      • Traffic ads to appropriate platforms.
      • Monitor live campaigns and track performance.
      • Generate detailed reports on campaign results.
      • Coordinate with other Middle Seat departments for seamless execution.
    • Develop direct response media plans and lower-scale persuasion and awareness media plans:
      • Create media plans that focus on direct response, as well as plans for persuasion and awareness.
      • Tailor the plans to align with clients' objectives and target audience.
    • Manage invoicing, budgeting, and escrow for the clients you lead:
      • Handle client invoicing processes.
      • Develop and manage budgets for clients' ad campaigns.
      • Ensure proper escrow management for financial transactions.
    • Write compelling ad copy with clear theories of change:
      • Create persuasive ad copy that encourages supporters to donate, join, or support clients.
      • Maintain the voice and perspectives of clients in the ad content.
    • Set up and review ad campaigns on all platforms:
      • Familiarize yourself with various platforms such as Facebook, Google, and List Vendors.
      • Set up and review ad campaigns on these platforms.
    • Assist with A/B testing everything:
      • Collaborate on A/B testing for content, design, targeting, and landing pages.
      • Analyze test results and implement optimizations for improved campaign performance.
    • Review reporting each day and execute optimizations deftly:
      • Analyze daily reports on campaign performance.
      • Make data-driven decisions and execute optimizations to ensure success across ad platforms.
    • Manage ad vendor communications and project management for external ad buys:
      • Communicate with ad vendors for external ad purchases.
      • Oversee project management tasks related to ad buys.
    • Manage client CRMs:
      • Upload client lists to the CRM system.
      • Build landing pages and pull reports from the CRM system.
    • Project manage and delegate tasks to client partners:
      • Serve as the project manager for the client accounts.
      • Delegate tasks to client partners to ensure team success.
    • Fulfill other responsibilities as requested.