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Content Lead

State of New Jersey

State of New Jersey

New Jersey, USA
Posted on Thursday, May 18, 2023

The New Jersey State Office of Innovation is looking for a content lead to deploy world-class digital services that solve pressing public interest challenges for the business community in New Jersey. The Content Lead will support the Business Experience Initiative which is making it easier for businesses to start, operate, and grow in New Jersey. Current products related to this initiative include a custom application, a static website, a chat interface, and a newsletter. Through content strategy, content creation, and research, you will support the growth and evolution of more than 1 million businesses and the Garden State’s economy.

The Content Lead will support this effort by directly researching and writing, as well as editing the work of 2-3 other content strategists. They will also play a role as project manager overseeing the process for content creation. The content team is part of the Business Experience team, which is made up of engineers, designers, product managers, and content strategists. As part of this team, the content lead is responsible for supporting content needed for the web application (Business.Nj.gov Navigator), static website (Business.NJ.gov) and social media. The content challenges you will solve will range from “what should this button say?” to “how do we centralize, create, and maintain content for all of the business funding programs across the State?”. You will be part of daily product development meetings, interview subject matter experts across the state, and engage the New Jersey business community.


As a part of the team, your responsibilities may include:

  • Bringing understandable and plain-language information about starting a business directly to citizens, by expanding and maintaining Business.NJ.gov content to support over 1 million businesses in New Jersey.
  • Gather, analyze, and document business requirements from agencies throughout the State that can be turned into user-friendly articles and help inform product development
  • Lead the development and management of our CMS to ensure continuous content development and an intuitive CMS system
  • Write and edit content about business news, funding programs, regulations, and requirements that is accessible and engaging across multiple channels and platforms
  • Maintain and enhance processes, including large-scale content creation or updates
  • Lead in-house and contracted content development activities, and train/onboard relevant content personnel
  • Enhance and maintain a product style guide
  • Identify and support the consolidation of two CMS systems into one CMS
  • Leverage SEO, social, analytics, and user testing to inform the development of content

Collaborating with the product team to develop content and features for a dynamic application, the Business.NJ.gov Navigator, with over 30,000 weekly users, and ensuring they meet State requirements.

  • Develop and maintain relationships with agencies to ensure product and content accuracy
  • Cultivate relationships with agency stakeholders and the project team to ensure work deliverables meet State business requirements and content needs

Preferred Technical Experience, Skills and Abilities

We are seeking individuals with 5+ years of demonstrated experience related to the following expertise, skills, and abilities:

  • Leading content development activities for multiple products or services, including oversight of vendors, contractors or staff
  • Defining content types and relationships, building and maintaining a content taxonomy, and maintaining an efficient content development processes
  • Researching and writing complex language into simple, user-friendly content or product requirements for design/build
  • Using modern iterative, user-centered, continuous delivery methodologies
  • Engaging users with social media
  • Identifying intrapreneurial efforts with measurable and demonstrated impact to the project
  • Collaborating closely with stakeholders across government to gather their input and ensure content accuracy
  • Conducting user interviews, surveys, and leveraging data and analytics to inform content and content prioritization
  • Optimizing content for search indexing for both public web search and internal site search
  • Familiarity with accessibility and equity principles
  • Interest in exploring generative AI

We welcome applications that don’t meet 100% of our requirements. If you believe that you could excel in this role, we encourage you to apply.

Compensation: Approximately $100,000 (depending on experience) + Full benefits