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Director, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Run for Something

Run for Something

United States
Posted on Friday, July 21, 2023
About Run for Something Run for Something recruits and supports young progressives running for down-ballot offices in the United States. Since launching in 2017, we’ve recruited 126,000+ young people who want to run, and we’ve endorsed over 2,300 candidates across all 50 states + DC. We’ve elected 793 candidates across 49 states – 57% are women, 57% are BIPOC, and 21% are LGBTQIA+. and all are age 40 or younger. Our alumni have meaningfully and intentionally made life better for millions of Americans across the country. We are a high-reaching, hungry team changing the face of politics in America. Learn more about our work in this clip.
The Run for Something network includes Run for Something (a 527 non-federal PAC),Run for Something Action Fund (a 501c4), and Run for Something Civics (a newly launched, non-partisan 501c3).We have ambitious plans for 2023 and beyond. Read about them in our Strategic Plan here.
We highly encourage all job applicants to visit our Careers page to learn about our work environment, values, compensation and benefits policies, interview process, and more. The priority deadline for applications is August 25th, 2023.
Position Summary
Position Name: Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Reporting Structure: This role reports to the Chief Diversity Officer
Location: Remote (U.S.)
Job Classification: Full-Time
Essential Duties: The primary responsibilities include:
-Developing, Executing, and Implementing Comprehensive DEI Strategies and Initiatives
-Advising and Training RFS Staff on Internal and External DEI Matters
-Developing, Monitoring, and Evaluating DEI Initiatives, Programming, and Metrics
-Leadership and Management
Position Summary:
Run for Something (RFS) is hiring for a Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). This new role at Run for Something will report to the Chief Diversity Officer (CDO).
As the Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, you will partner directly with Run for Something’s CDO to scope, prioritize, implement, and evaluate DEI-related initiatives, programming, and training that further our mission of recruiting and supporting progressive candidates with lived experiences and from marginalized backgrounds for down-ballot offices.
As the Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, you will develop and implement comprehensive diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) strategies, advise and train RFS staff on DEI matters, and monitor and evaluate DEI initiatives and metrics. In this role, you will drive our internal DEI efforts, ensuring a diverse, inclusive, and equitable work environment for RFS staff.
Additionally, as a senior staff member, you will spearhead our external DEI initiatives, working with RFS staff who directly work with candidates, volunteers, and partners to promote DEI within the broader political landscape. By fearlessly driving our work, you will contribute to creating an inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and empowered to make a difference.
As a member of RFS leadership, this position must also contribute, integrate, and hold themselves and their team accountable to the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) goals that Run for Something has established and actively contribute towards the creation of a diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture.
The Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)will help RFS accomplish our strategic imperatives by:
Developing, Executing, and Implementing Comprehensive DEI Strategies ( 30% of the time)
-Partner with the CDO to develop, execute, and implement robust diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies, programming, and initiatives.
-Translate high-level goals into actionable initiatives, programming, training, and departmental DEI action plans to ensure successful implementation across RFS.
-Create DEI task forces or committees to establish cross-functional representatives from different departments/teams.
-Assisting the CDO in reviewing and enhancing policies, practices, and procedures by partnering with RFS teams to ensure they align with DEI principles and RFS goals. Continuously assess and update strategies to address emerging DEI challenges and opportunities.
Advising and Training RFS Staff on DEI Matters (25% of the time)
-Provide guidance, advice, and training to RFS staff on diversity, equity, and inclusion topics.
-Design and implement comprehensive DEI training programs that address unconscious bias, cultural competence, inclusive leadership, anti-oppression, anti-racism, and fostering an inclusive work environment.​​
-Offer workshops, webinars, and resources to educate RFS staff at all levels and promote behavior change and interpersonal development.
-Collaborate with RFS staff who directly engage with candidates and volunteers by providing guidance and support in promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion within RFS candidate-related initiatives.
-Foster an inclusive and respectful work environment by promoting cultural competency and awareness.
-Support staff in navigating DEI-related challenges and promoting inclusive practices as they arise.
Developing, Monitoring, and Evaluating DEI Initiatives and Metrics (20% of the time)
-Partner with cross-functional teams to develop KPIs and metrics that are DEI related.
-Establish metrics and data collection processes to track progress on diversity, equity, and inclusion goals.
-Regularly evaluate the effectiveness of DEI initiatives and programs.
-Use data-driven insights to make recommendations for enhancing and expanding DEI efforts.
Leadership and Management (25% of the time)
-Hire, supervise, and provide guidance, mentorship, and support to DEI Managers in their day-to-day operations.
-Collaborate with DEI Managers to establish goals, monitor progress, and ensure alignment with RFS DEI strategies and initiatives.
-Collaborate with other senior staff members and stakeholders to ensure DEI efforts are integrated into all areas of RFS.
-Coordinate cross-functional DEI initiatives, projects, and events, fostering collaboration and shared accountability.
-Serve as a central point of contact for DEI-related matters, facilitating communication and information sharing among different teams and departments.
-Identify, evaluate, and manage diversity-focused vendor relationships that align with RFS's commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.
-Support and empower RFS Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) as a liaison and advocate, fostering their growth and impact.
-Provide guidance, resources, and support to ERGs, ensuring they have the necessary tools to drive their respective missions and make meaningful contributions to the organization's DEI efforts.
-Collaborate with the DEI Council by facilitating regular meetings, providing guidance and support, and ensuring consistent and purposeful effective communication, accountability, sustainability, and coordination between the DEI Council and the RFS leadership is consistent and purposeful.
Key Goals
-Foster an inclusive organizational culture by establishing a welcoming and inclusive work environment within RFS, promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion through policies, practices, and initiatives that value and celebrate the contributions of all staff members.
-Enhance DEI training and education by providing comprehensive DEI training programs and resources to RFS staff, candidates, and volunteers, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to promote inclusivity and cultural competence in their work.
-Measure and evaluate DEI progress by developing and implementing metrics to track progress and assess the impact of DEI initiatives at RFS, regularly evaluating and reporting on diversity representation, retention rates, and other relevant data to drive continuous improvement and accountability.
-Assist in increasing diversity in candidate recruitment by developing and implementing strategies to attract and support a diverse range of progressive candidates running for local office, ensuring representation and inclusivity in political leadership.
-6+ years of relevant experience in a DEI-related field or a combination of education and relevant experience.
-Proven experience, leadership, and passion in developing and implementing strategies and initiatives related to equity, inclusion, and social justice.
-Knowledge of core diversity concepts, including power and privilege, emotional intelligence, intercultural development, and implicit bias.
-Experience supervising a team of 3 or more direct reports
-Excellent interpersonal and communication skills with the ability to engage and influence diverse stakeholders.
-Ability to translate big-picture ideas into tangible plans for execution; A growth mindset and ability to continually seek improvement.
-Facilitates engaging training sessions in in-person and virtual settings, fostering engagement and collaboration.
-Adapts training and programming methodologies and uses interactive tools to ensure dynamic learning experiences while tailoring content to diverse audiences and learning styles.
-Experience providing guidance on DEI matters, offering valuable insights and support.
-Data-driven mindset with the ability to collect, analyze outcomes, utilize metrics, and provide evidence-based recommendations to drive decision-making
-They will bring a level of competency to training and program, leadership building, and theme integration with incremental and measurable progress.
-Leadership, experience, and fluency in implementing training curricula related to diversity, equity, and inclusion.
-Demonstrated experience successfully working with a broad spectrum of people and levels of organizational accountability.
-Demonstrated time management skills transferable to working a four-day work week
-Demonstrated ability to work in and contribute to a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment.
-Must be comfortable with ambiguity. Strong network and partnerships in DEI-related spaces.
-Demonstrates cultural competence and the ability to work effectively with individuals from diverse backgrounds.
-Have an understanding of the intersectionality of various identities and how they impact individuals' experiences.
-Ability to demonstrate Run for Something’s organizational values: Bold & Fearless; Open & Honest; Supportive & Respectful; Progressive & Diverse; Long-term & Strategic.
-Ability to work independently for extended periods of time in a remote environment
-Strong commitment to the Run for Something mission
Plus Qualifications
-Familiarity with political campaigns and community organizing is a plus.
-Knowledge and or understanding of policy development, legislative processes, or advocacy work and how to understand the systemic barriers and enablers of diversity, equity, and inclusion.
Run for Something is committed to building teams that reflect the diversity of our candidates, and to building equitable and inclusive environments that fully leverage the skills, potential, and unique perspectives of our employees.
We strongly encourage applications from members of marginalized communities who have been disproportionately affected by lack of representation in elected office, including Black, Indigenous, and people of color, women, and the LGBTQIA+ and disabled communities.
Learn more about our commitment here.
In order to prioritize the health and safety of our employees, all Run for Something employees are required to provide proof of COVID vaccination. Run for Something will discuss reasonable accommodations with employees who may be unable to receive a vaccine due to disability, the advice of a medical provider, or sincerely held religious beliefs.
Work Environment
Run for Something is (and always has been and will be) a remote office environment; you will collaborate with colleagues who are based across the United States. You should be prepared to either work from home or a location of your choosing.
This position will require attendance at approximately 2 all-staff or team events per year, which may include overnight travel. This role may also be requested to travel to other department teams' retreats. Run for Something’s reasonable accommodations policy applies to employees who are unable to travel or participate in gatherings.
As Run for Something grows, your role responsibilities may evolve to ensure it's always aligned to organizational priorities and continuously contributing to our mission of recruiting and supporting young progressives running for down-ballot offices. This position requires the ability to work core hours, Monday through Thursday.
Learn more about what it’s like to work at Run for Something at our Careers page.
Essential Physical Requirements
As this is a remote position, the person in this position must be able to communicate with colleagues and partners via phone, including conference and video calls, as well as written communication such as Slack and email. The position requires the ability to work on a computer for all or part of the work day. The position requires the ability to attend events which may encompass all or part of the work day. This position will include travel, as described above.
Compensation & Benefits
Salary for this position is set at $132,600. In order to counter pay inequality and uphold internal parity, salaries are non-negotiable for new and current employees. Run for Something salary bands for a given staff level are benchmarked to the 75th percentile for our sector, and all new employees are paid at the entry point of those bands. Employees then have the opportunity to progress through current salary bands through annual cost of living increases and performance-based pay increases, and into new salary bands through promotions.
Learn more about our compensation policy here.
Benefits at Run for Something include:
-Four Day Work Week (learn more here)
-Unlimited Paid Time Off policy
-Platinum Medical Insurance (100% of premium covered for employees; 50% of premium covered for dependents)
-Dental and Vision Insurance (99.9% of premium covered for both employees and dependents)
-Professional Development Stipend
-Treat Yourself Stipend ($500 a year to do something that brings you joy)
-Equipment Stipend
-Work from Home Stipend
-Cell Phone/Internet Stipend
-12 weeks paid family leave
-Paid Sabbatical (after 3 years of service to RFS)
-Employee Assistance Program
~ Four weeks in organization-wide holiday closures, including a two-week winter break
-Flexible, remote work environment
-Transition payment for departing employees
Work Authorization
Given campaign finance restrictions, candidates for this position must possess valid work authorizations and cannot be foreign nationals. This means that we are legally prohibited from hiring anyone for this position who is not a US citizen or lawful permanent resident (green card holder).
To Apply
We will be reviewing applications on a rolling basis, with priority review given to earlier applications.
Learn more about our interview process here.
No phone calls, emails, or social media inquiries, please. Due to the volume of applications, we are unable to respond to individual inquiries. As a general policy, we don’t conduct informational interviews for candidates who have applied for specific opportunities at Run for Something to ensure equity in our hiring process and to give everyone who has applied a fair chance to succeed. We know that applying to jobs is difficult, and we do our best to alert every applicant as to their status in the process. However, be aware that you may not receive a response from us until after the application deadline has passed. If you need accessibility or disability accommodations in any step of the application or interview process, please contact hiring@runforsomething.net, with the job title + “accommodation request” in the subject line.