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Trestle Collaborative

Trestle Collaborative

Software Engineering · Full-time, Part-time, Contractor
16,000 – 16,000 USD per month
Posted on Friday, May 28, 2021


Trestle Collaborative provides hands-on support to movement organizations and tech companies to reinforce the technology scaffolding that enables our 21st century movements for justice, equity and progress.

We are a team of technologists — engineers, designers, product managers — who work with those who build and use technology for organizing, electoral campaigns and movement building to ensure they are getting the most possible impact from their technology investments.

We believe the people leading progress on the most pressing issues of our time — from racial justice to combating climate change to electing new generations of leaders — should not be hampered by a lack of resources to wield their tech tools. Trestle is here to help bridge those gaps.


We help teams understand their technology gaps and needs, and offer recommendations, guidance, and support to help build capacity for strategic and thoughtful tech programs.

Our areas of expertise include organization tech strategy, product management, technology + application security, human-centered design, software engineering and product reliability.

At the core of our work, we offer short discovery sprints, where small multidisciplinary teams partner with an organization to assess the risks and challenges of a technology product, program or infrastructure, and to propose paths forward.

These sprints can range from a holistic look into how an organization is approaching its technology to a focused dive into a single topic, feature or product — such as the viability of an old system, the security risks of specific software, or the user experience of volunteer tools.

Beyond these engagements, we also offer four other areas of support:

  • Advising and consulting for individuals making key technology decisions;
  • Implementation guidance for technology projects;
  • Career mentorship for technologists in the movement;
  • Emergency response for crisis situations.


We are a scrappy new organization, and as we build, we’re looking to these values to shape how we grow:

  • Approach with a humble, curious and collaboration mindset;
  • Equity, justice and liberation are paramount — to who we are, how we work and what we work for;
  • Seek to add value without seeking credit;
  • Surface the truth, through thoughtful and empathetic ways;
  • Do no harm — seek to understand implications and impacts and tread with care;
  • Don’t take ourselves too seriously — enjoy the work, the people and the mishaps along the way.


We are hiring part-time & full-time contractors to join us in solving some of the most critical technological challenges for the progressive movement. We are looking for mid-level and senior product managers, engineers and designers to contribute to short-term and long-term projects.

We are seeking folks who care deeply about the pressing issues of our day. We strongly encourage BIPOC, people with disabilities, people of diverse sexual orientations, gender expressions and identities to apply.


Trestle is looking for Software Engineers from all backgrounds and walks of life who have experience and passion for building inclusive, human-centered, accessible and secure digital products and services that are critical to the success of movement groups, non-profits, progressive candidates and committees.

  • Contractor positions ranging from 15 - 40 hours a week.
  • Compensation: $150/hr for part-time work and $16k/mo for full time work.
  • Work to occur on a rolling basis, with a minimum commitment of 3 to 6 weeks.
  • Work will be conducted 100% remotely.
  • We’ll support you with community, feedback and support of a cohort of peer technologists working across the sector.
  • We provide the tools and framework for the engagement, you bring your knowledge and willingness to work with partners to make their software better!


You’ll collaborate with small teams of PMs, engineers and designers to help political tech organizations quickly identify gaps in their existing technologies and services, and/or scale up new tools/features in response to user need, security risk, tech reliability, etc. Activities include:

  • Interview and embed with team members of high impact political and progressive organizations to understand software architecture, reliability, security gaps of various organizations;
  • Collaborate with partner orgs, product managers, designers and other engineers to assess, analyze and make recommendations to resolve technical and user needs;
  • Build prototypes with no-code solutions that can be easily maintained by non-technical partners;
  • Help to implement baseline best practices such as DDOS mitigation, Kubernetes configuration, respond to bug bounty reports and caching fine-tuning.


  • Production engineering experience running end-to-end software products at scale, preferably on Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platform;
  • Experience collaborating with engineers, data analysts, and product managers to take on complex integration issues;
  • Willingness to dive into problems up and down the stack, work on web applications, ETL jobs, and any broad technical challenge that arises.


  • A strong commitment to working on teams within a values system that includes diversity, equity, and inclusivity;
  • Dedication to agile, human-centered, and standard industry best practices for product development;
  • Great communication skills, including the ability to jump in and communicate with new team members on short timelines. Must be comfortable synthesizing and explaining technology projects in layperson’s terms, both verbally and in writing;
  • A positive attitude and the ability to work well under pressure. We’re looking for “can do” people who are comfortable working in busy/high-pressure situations.


Please complete the application at the link below.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer with a strong commitment to diversity of staff and leadership. We are tracking identity in our applications and our hiring processes to ensure we are holding ourselves accountable to our values. The identity question in the application form is completely optional and cannot be used to determine specific hiring decisions.

Trestle Collaborative is an equal opportunity employer.