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Customer Experience Intern

Maisha Meds

Maisha Meds

Customer Service
Posted on Monday, July 1, 2024

CX Interns

Maisha Meds is hiring! We’re looking for 2 CX Interns with experience in customer services to support our team with customer services in Tanzania .

About Maisha Meds

Maisha Meds is an organization dedicated to improving health care in Africa through best-in-class technology.

Founded in 2017, Maisha Meds has created the largest digital network of private pharmacies and clinics across Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Nigeria, and Zambia through our mobile software. Our platform not only helps these providers improve business by making sales, managing inventory, and tracking patients. It also reimburses them for providing high-quality care for malaria, family planning, and HIV prevention at discounted costs.

Maisha Meds logs millions of patient visits every year and has provided hundreds of thousands of reimbursements to date. We harness data from our network of pharmacies and clinics to reveal health and market trends, which allows us to design better solutions that work for the people we serve. We have worked with leading academic institutions such as UC Berkeley, Emory University, and KEMRI to evaluate the effectiveness of our programs. Research shows that our system is able to significantly increase the uptake of long-acting contraceptives and appropriate malaria case management.

Our work is funded by a range of partners including scale-up funding from USAID Development Innovation Ventures and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. This will help Maisha Meds greatly expand its mobile software to 7,500 total pharmacies and clinics by late 2026, delivering subsidized care to nearly a million new patients in the process.

About the role

We are pleased to offer you the role of CX intern at Maisha Meds, believing you will make an exceptional contribution to the Maisha meds team. Maisha Meds is at an exciting time in its development and we see you taking on an important role in scaling our technology and associated programmes across Tanzania and beyond.

This role will be based either in the Lake zone, Western zone or Eastern zone with frequent travel to different locations as required.

You will report to The CX Manager - Tanzania, who will supervise you and give you instructions related to your work. However, the expectation is also that you are proactive in identifying necessary work projects and communicating that information to your supervisor.

The start date is 15th July, 2024, and compensation is commensurate with experience.


Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Lead regional team of Maisha Meds customer service representatives and consultants in Tanzania
  • Onboarding new facilities
  • Managing all customer interactions through the CRM
  • Providing consistent customer support for all Maisha Meds products and services (POS)
  • Maintaining all client documents and contracts
  • Driving growth through the generation of referrals.
  • Engaging with the product/tech team about insights and innovations for our product solutions
  • Collect feedback from pharmacies on the POS, and iterate/refine insights to make them actionable and useful for any interested stakeholder (s).
  • Any other tasks as advised by your Supervisor

Maisha Meds reserves the right to adapt the work scope for the employee, in response to company needs or changes in direction.


  1. Academic qualifications: Diploma and above from any government-recognized Colleges / Universities
  2. Experience: 1 year and above as customer experience associate
  3. Mindsets:
    1. A team player who loves working collaboratively
    2. A sense of optimism, flexibility, and adaptability to any situation
    3. An ability to thrive in ambiguous situations due to your resilience and tenacity
    4. A growth mindset and a deep enthusiasm for learning, feedback, and continuous improvement
    5. A blend of passion, humility, patience, and a good sense of humor
    6. A tendency to roll up your sleeves in order to move projects forward

Why You Should Join Us

  • On a roll: We are doubling year-over-year with new funding partnerships that are boosting expansion in multiple countries
  • Great team: We are founded, managed, and backed by successful veterans of Stanford School of Medicine, Google, mPharma, and I&M bank. We have technologists, doctors, and economists working side by side to solve difficult problems.
  • Great funders: We’re supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, USAID Development Innovation Ventures, CIFF, WHO FIND, and Pfizer to pay for healthcare on behalf of patients, with others to be announced soon.
  • Huge market: We are disrupting a massive, growing $50+ billion market for healthcare payments for low-income patients, with a focus on paying for health outcomes to ensure patients get the best quality care.
  • Great customers: We create financial incentives that ensure our health care providers deliver excellent care.
  • Impact: We have cultivated a fun and exciting start-up culture that empowers its talented staff to make a huge impact.